Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Portland Bill Lighthouse trip

Today we've been to Portland Bill Lighthouse with a group of home ed families. It was a fabulous visit and the views were incredible. 

If you happen to be sailing along the south coast of the UK, you can pinpoint your exact location by knowing that Portland Bill is the only lighthouse along this coastline, painted with one red stripe. It's a stunning building. 

We made it!!

Each lighthouse uses different shaped prisms to produce different beams of light. They also rotate at different speeds so that they flash at different intervals. Ships carry a record of every lighthouse so that at night, when they can't see the red stripe, they can still pinpoint their exact location. 

The descent was somehow more terrifying than the ascent! 

After the visit to the lighthouse we went to the JailHouse Cafe at one of the two prisons on the island of Portland. Again, the views were soectacular and the children really enjoyed running round outside while we had a relatively civilised lunch inside. 

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