Monday, 14 January 2013


It's been a long time again since I posted. I'm hoping its because I've just been too busy!

2013 has started off well - once we got over a 16 day combined cold/flu. We are back into the swing of learning again after our Christmas break. George 1 in particular has developed a deep love for learning anything and everything and his reading has led him to all sorts of discoveries. He is a true autonomous learner and loves discovering the world. George 2 is more of a structured child. He prefers at this stage to be taught and know what's coming up and I've tried to accommodate him. They've started a number of groups this year as well which are very exciting. Tennis, forest school, German and Music lessons are all popular and provide variety to out HE lives.

Today we have been learning about the body and we've even made a life sized skeleton. It's been fascinating to draw the organs and really look at how they work. They may not be beautifully to scale or perfectly drawn, but we had fun. The boys have also been listening to my abdomen and have heard my heartbeat and stomach gurglings. They were apply to imagine being unborn abides for a moment.