Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What happens when Daddy does home ed?

Today was clearing out the basement day. I loaded the trailer ready for a summer of camping fun, threw loads of boxes away that we've hoarded since we moved and generally just started to tidy up a space that's rarely entered. 

So I left DadaSmu to educate the children. Here's what happened. 

Firstly they watched this YouTube video:

They then started work - on the dining room table! 

They all did a magnificent job, learning and using important skills. The end result is four of these. 

I will admit that they are rather magnificent. So as well as measuring, sawing and safety skills, they also went on to use combat, ambush and strategy skills. They worked out that the perfect angle for firing their darts the furthest distance was 20 degrees. They also learned that shooting Mummy or the baby is never a good idea! They built forts with arrow slits and low walls with escape routes. All in all, I think a lot of fun was had by all those involved. 

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